In the framework of the project ICMED, the training of trainers took place in Oran, Algeria hosted by Oran University of Science and Technology – Mohamed Boudiaf on the 25th February 2020 at the Plaza Hotel. 

The training of trainers represented an unmissable opportunity for participants to strengthen their skills in the management of international mobility programs. In particular the Universities trained during the training weeks -that were organized in the framework of the past project activities- acted as trainers for the participants attending the event. Several universities from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia participated in the training.

On this occasion some key topics were covered and among them the effective cooperation between EU and Partner countries towards a successful application; instruments and services for ICM, from the selection process to the information policy and the mobility management, best practices and practical exercises; Recognition Mechanisms and instruments within ICM. 

The programme of the Training of Trainers is available here.

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